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"I have a complicated curvature of the spine and have spent my life visiting chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists. James is the best."             Emily James, Director


"Fixes the parts others can’t fix. I only wish I had gone to James sooner."        

Katherine Burgess, Mechanic

"James is a healer. I cannot recommend him enough." Jess Hines, CEO Purpose

"I felt wonderful immediately. I am going back again this week and I can’t wait. Very special talent. I couldn’t recommend higher."

Adrian Cox, Saxophonist


 "I highly recommend this to anyone who needs insight into their physical form or help with injury."
Scott Temple, Actor


"Easily the best massage I have ever had. After just one session I felt an immediate difference in my body, and soul!"
Annabel Keith, Goldman Sachs


"This review is being written by somebody so relaxed and pain-free you could pour me into a bowl. I am in the later stages of recovery following several life-changing injuries and it's sometimes hard for me to remember that my body can feel as at ease as James' treatments leave me feeling."
Lianne Hitchens, Social Worker

 "Wow.... I cannot recommend James highly enough. I only found him last week and I feel like I've struck gold!"
Chloe Wisdom, Therapist

"Wow...I have had one of the best massages of my life. The focus and attention that was given was simply phenomenal.

When I’m back in London you will be the first person I visit...thank you."

Allison Hines, Midwife

"Best massage I've ever had. Coming back very soon. Thank you."
Ben Taylor, Designer

"I had a full body massage from James and will definitely be booking in again."
Lauren Thompson, Personal Trainer

"James solved months of cycling cramps..."
Matthew Reilly, Teacher

"I recently had my face injured. I had one sesh with James as soon as I could. So pleased!

He helped with lymphatic drainage, and reduced my swelling (as well as clearing my sinuses!). Top stuff. Defo booking another sesh!"
Hash Hirji, Comic Book Store Manager

"James kicks massage ass - soul balm - mind blown."
Lucia Adams, Managing Editor i Independent

 "Thorough, strong, intuitive. Bliss; James's massage is highly recommended."
Giovanna Forte, Entrepreneur

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